Wolf Alice:Guitar Hybrid par excellence

Well,last time a new band really grabbed me it was probably Everything Everything. My Visualise/Colours/Stop bandmate pointed me towards ‘Giant Peach‘ by Wolf Alice. A five year gap between ‘new favorite bands’ didn’t really happen ¬†in the late 90’s early noughties. Either I’m becoming set in my musical ways or innovative, urgent and vital guitar music is on life support.Or both.

Anyway, the ¬†aforementioned act fuse 90’s indie (think Muse’s debut record), shoegaze direct Nirvana/garage rock seething aggression,and dare I say,Blondie?. Vocalist Ellie Rowsell has a great emotive expression in the vocals,all the way from delicate to primal,whilst the arrangements have enough twists and turns to keep a listeners ear.

Biographies suggest they honed their craft over a few years playing toilet venues,another reassuring stamp of authenticity and commitment. Check them out,debut record is entitled ‘My Love Is Cool’.

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Big Bad Carbon:An NHS worker making Peculiar One man GrungeFunk influenced by Ween XTC Nirvana ANTEMASQUE Everything Everything and a short attention span

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