Virulent-Memories of a Teenage Metal band.

21 songs.2 track stereo, ripped from a 1st generation cassette tape taken from the mixing desk. Compression and eq applied in Reaper DAW.

Damn,1998 was quite some time ago,the year Michael Owen announced his precocious jet healed talent on the world football stage at The World cup in France,and some other historical things that you can Google of your own accord. I was 20, had precious few cares save for a part time job at Morrisons,bleached blond hair and a band called Virulent. My first serious ‘gigging for real’,formed in 95 whilst attending one of the first Access To Music courses.

Like all good first bands,this one fizzled out later that year.The band caught the centre of the ‘Nu-metal’ whirlwind,albeit in the setting of parochial Lincoln. I was blessed to be in the company of some great talent with Matt seemingly playing any instrument that took his fancy(he loses points for being a left hander that defected).Dan was the quintessential Metal guitarist who had honed his craft seemingly effortlessly and could have walked into any band in the higher echelons of the genre.

And then our secret weapon. Rob.

Quiet,fiercely intelligent and initially introspective.He pretty much learnt to be virtuoso guitarist in a matter of weeks, and by the end of the bands existence he was clad in Adidas (The kORN effect) and rapping alongside Matt. he saw through the folly messing about with music long before the rest of us went back to playing just for the love of it,he is probably running a massive corporation somewhere in the world…



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