The Falcon:Memories of an Alternative drinking Den

Pictured here are some shots documenting  the Lincoln music scene circa 2002-2003 when myself and Gaz Bailey bagged a Princess Trust loan, started a record label (Foundry Crew Productions Ltd) and set out to see how many Live music lovers lived in our locale, running live events at our local alternative watering hole the now sadly defunct Falcon Inn.

The directors of Foundry Crew Productions and friends L-R Zeph,Gaz,and myself

The directors of Foundry Crew Productions and friends L-R Zeph,Gaz,and myself

Many a memory was forged. Being served my first pint, getting kicked out for having said pint whilst underage, watching England beat Holland in Euro 96,meeting woman of dubious repute, having a pre mobile phone rally point for my mates(we had our own corner) oh and the jukebox!.

I also drummed for local acts Liszt (despised by Falcon Regulars) and Owsley Sunshine(adored) and despite my curmudgeonly attitude to such retro gazing the recent tenth(ish) anniversary of the Falcons closing has stoked a fair bit of comment in social media  including a Facebook group gauging the appetite for a reunion of its patrons.

Drumming for the band Owsley Sunshine during an acoustic event sometime during 2003 at The Falcon.

Drumming for the band Owsley Sunshine during an acoustic event sometime during 2003 at The Falcon.

Gaz and I spent many a cold day and evening handing out flyers during our tenure as sole booking agents for the live acts at the Falcon, we had lofty ideals regards helping what was then a relative purple patch in terms of bands on the local scene, we started it to develop and capitalize on the ‘Up on the Roof’ series of summer gigs that the Pub ran in 2001,just turning up as a watching punter made me feel a sense of excitement regarding a developing scene, one I could enjoy in my watering hole of choice and not after the usual 30 mile trek to Nottingham.

There were many a Highlight, memorable sets from the likes of Twin Lizard, The Tone Def Amigos, Owsley Sunshine and a storming set from Reggae/Rap crossover act Skindred, who were the biggest coup in terms of a nationally acclaimed touring act actually turning up to play. Good old Prince Charles’s money not only aided our record label to run live events but also to stage the ‘Mella Yella’ music festival two years in a row.

Sadly  financial mismanagement, inflexible ownership from the brewery and a doomed plan to open the refurbished 1st floor did for the Falcon.

The pub closed and subsequently re opened as what I suppose is now your typical faceless transient crowd ‘Trebles for Singles’ bar (yes we had the ‘Townies Vs Grebo’s” stand-off in our little home town as well). A former bandmate and ex Falcon regular penned a really eloquent letter to the local paper regarding it’s demise and the faceless ‘vomitorium’ that would replace it.

Of course it was just a Pub.

I have yet to set foot in a boozer that has given me the vibe once offered by the Falcon,perhaps it was the exuberance of youth and socializing with my peers in an accepting environment  so excuse me if I keep these rose tinted spectacles on a while longer. Get yourself a beer. I put a quid in the jukebox earlier,’100%’ by Sonic Youth should be on soon….

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