After a ten year absence I have returned to watch the last 4 games of my Local team Lincoln City. The £18 entry fee has made many a casual local fan baulk (including myself). Going back to support when they are clearly on an upward curve under new management has drawn criticism.

But if the product is good, fans will return, Right?

Last night saw ‘The Imps’ draw a struggling football league team at home in the FA Cup,the reduced entry fee attracted over £7000 fans, well up on the usual £3000 or so that can be relied upon, week in week out. The atmosphere was excellent, and evoked all the good old childhood memories that watching the team gave me many years ago.

The team are built on high fitness levels, committed organised defence, and a gameplay to press and harass the opposition when they have the ball….Oh, and of course the obligatory big man up front, Matt Rhead (he drove a JCB for a living don’t you know!) with some very able footballers surrounding him, shouts to Wood, Arnold and Woodyard.

The fog descended whilst the team were clinging on at 3-2,it felt like playing and end level baddy on Metal Gear Solid….or an obligatory end of movie climax feel. If any of the players were distracted by the live T.V cameras they didn’t show it.Anyway, a fine of example of team spirit, ethos and organisation. The Cowley brothers management is possibly influenced by the application  their old P.E teacher day job skillset and knowledge of the upper echelons of non league footy. Lincoln will be fortunate to retain them for long.


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