something beautiful

Well it has been a fair while

something beautiful

We will both crack out a smile

an interloper

sent to wreck your house

A forces scaly brat

secret fucks and then he’s toast

took an oath

not to take an oath I’m sure

stunted man Child

walking out the door

yet something beautiful

catch a breath and steal away Something Beautiful

this Libidos crack Cocaine!

Cancerian, smile away the night

whilst i’m in Misery

Cancerian, smile away the night

Hog roast took me away

‘Its too early.its too soon’

Why am i scrolling,urgently?

something beautiful

Humour and that chemistry

something beautiful

Ex wife offers delivery!

On a platter,on a plate

Yet I walked to that first date

About BigBadCarbon

Big Bad Carbon:An NHS worker making Peculiar One man GrungeFunk influenced by Ween XTC Nirvana ANTEMASQUE Everything Everything and a short attention span

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