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Gaz from new music blog Needle In The Groove and I have recently entered into discussions on Facebook message boards with a few folk looking to establish hubs for live music in Lincoln, it’s something that I have been out of the loop of for about 7 years, things are changing in terms of entertainment on offer though partly due to a slew of new nightclubs opening (there is often a lemming like shift to a new club in a city that for so long was held in the Mafia like grip of Luminar Leisure’s sticky floored flesh pit ‘Ritzy’) and partly the natural cycle the town seems to have regards attempts to establish a scene. Ten years ago before the city could ever hope to retain its creative folk a clutch of bands would emerge and flicker for 18 months or so before splitting and departing for University.

However in terms of grassroots support for the arts Lincoln has always been dwarfed by Nottingham which  is  going great guns as always in offering a clutch of small and medium sized venues to support thier local scene, worthy of mention is the NUSIC podcast featuring upcoming Nottingham acts, the Nottingham Confidential blog which offers more of a ‘whats on’ style presentation and the Left Lion fanzine offering similar content. If my fair home city is to grow its cultural rep and dissuade driven creative folk from pastures new then more sites of this calibre would not go amiss.

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