E.U Referendum. A view from the Parishes

I’m voting to stay in the E.U.
I’m of an age where i have lived enough life to pass comment that acknowledges both sides. 
The liberal musician in me would love to push the big red button that says leave. PUSH IT, THE E.U DOES’NT TOLERATE BENDY VEG.
The bald Mondeo driving Conservative bit of my brain says DON’T ROCK THE BOAT FOR GODS SAKE,WHAT ABOUT YOUR NECTAR POINTS?!
The world is changing rapidly!
Folk whom are mostly younger and way more ‘plugged in’ to technology have a different view of the globe and will have their hands on the levers of power soon enough.Race, Gender and Nationality,like it or not, may be of a lessening influence in the future. I don’t like the though of a loss of identity,but its a bit too late.
If you wanna be in a gang you gotta wear the uniform.
We all use the same branded products as one another (APPLE),and want to be connected from what I have seen.
And thats the Elephant in the room for most patriotic folk.
Vote Leave: “We haven’t got much accurate data to back up our claims,but if you want Britain thats a bit like that of 30 years ago vote for us.We offer old school nationalist sentiment,flag waving/bunting up/here comes the Queen/lets colonise/civilise some ruffians etc.”
Leave also gives a platform to Right and left wing extremists,Do you want to associate with them and have you seen the news lately?
The NHS: A political hot potato,fresh out the microwave.Forever.Regardless of who takes power.
Business: Old school mass industry is mostly, deader than Elvis in this country,My cousin works in asset finance and informs me the U.K is strong in specialised industries nobody else can do. I presume staying in the E.U  will aid this.
I’m a forces brat,born in the USA, feeling a bit alienated by all this. And i’m nearly forty (ugh.) We still have our history (and its loads better than anybody else’s,if a bit bloody) fat American tourists will still spunk hefty sums to visit our National Treasures. Our currency is still being retained and well valued.
 As we are then?

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