Bowie has Left The Building

His loss rattles and reverberates for many reasons. A huge cultural marker,a monolith!,someone who embodied the essence of Art,challenging,asking questions,subverting. Approaching a host of well worn topics with imaginative eyes and ears.

Bowie was quoted offering thoughts on the demise of musics power and mystique,that it was becoming a ‘utility like water'(streaming services anyone?). The scarcity of exposure to art for the masses and their hunger for it powered 70’s demigods,the perfect environment for The Thin White Duke to flourish. A persona built,developed then reimagined. A lifelong creative ride with music until the very end. RIP Mr D.Jones.

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Big Bad Carbon:An NHS worker making Peculiar One man GrungeFunk influenced by Ween XTC Nirvana ANTEMASQUE Everything Everything and a short attention span

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