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Aussie Graft:Craig Johnston-from wideman to inventor

A fantastic interview with former Liverpool Midfielder Craig Johnston. An Australian who also lived in South Africa Johnston discovered his passion for football at aged 12 when he and a friend attempted to watch what they thought was a Porno, … Continue reading

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Dale: Top 10 Frank Zappa Compositions Podcast

Zappa top Ten Podcast (Click to Listen) 1.Saint Alphonzo’s Pancake Breakfast 2.Keep It Greasy 3.Dirty Love 4.Honey,Don’t you Want A Man Like Me ? 5.Camarillo Brillo/Muffin Man (Live) 6.Watermelon in Easter Hay 7.My Guitar wants to Kill Yer Mama 8.Cheepnis … Continue reading

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Gang Of Four: Ultimate punk/funk influence

This song has really got under my skin, to the point its an almost bi-daily listening habit (treatable on the NHS?).   ¬†   Acts such as Gang of Four and XTC have a big impact on my songwriting within … Continue reading

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